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Time Out says

A superb essay in Hitchcockian suspense, which puts all its sleazy Friday the 13th imitators to shame with its dazzling skills and mocking wit. Rarely have the remoter corners of the screen been used to such good effect as shifting volumes of darkness and light reveal the presence of a sinister something. We know, and Carpenter knows we know, that it's all a game as his psycho starts decimating teenagers observed in the sexual act; and he delights in being one step ahead of expectation, revealing nothing when there should be something, and something - as in the subtle reframing of the girl sobbing in the doorway after she finally manages to kill the killer, showing the corpse suddenly sitting up again behind her - long after there should be nothing. Perhaps not quite so resonant as Psycho to which it pays due homage, but it breathes the same air.

By: TM


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

John Carpenter
Debra Hill, John Carpenter
Nancy Loomis
Kyle Richards
Brian Andrews
John Michael Graham
Charles Cyphers
Jamie Lee Curtis
PJ Soles
Donald Pleasence
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