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Libest Chiado 4 - Alecrim Wonderful

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Libest Chiado 4 - Alecrim Wonderful
© Libest Chiado 4 - Alecrim Wonderful

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This apartment on the famous Rua do Alecrim, which connects Chiado to Cais do Sodré, is highly sought after by families or large groups of friends. After all, it is in a super central location and has room for seven people. Although it has been completely renovated, it is housed in an old building, still with a Pombaline cage, wooden floors and the tiles of the time. “It is mainly used by families who don't want to stay in hotels”, explains the apartment's manager, Nélson Pilar. “It has lots of natural light, is spacious and has a small balcony overlooking the river.” The house belongs to foreigners who make the most of the house in this way when they are not in Portugal. It has three bedrooms, a large living and dining room and a kitchen with original stonework.


Rua do Alecrim, 43
Desde 260€/noite
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Também poderá gostar