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Five years after opening its first co-work space in Graça, in Lisbon, Heden has announced the creation of two more shared offices - the company’s sixth and seventh - this time in the Chiado and Alvalade.

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The announcement, which was made in January, highlights an investment of €1.5 million and the creation of another 400 desks distributed over 2,500 square metres.

“Our country is one of Europe's most appealing destinations for innovative companies and digital nomads, and we want to continue welcoming the best. With these two new spaces we will enhance our commitment to design quality, sustainability and flexibility,” says Manuel Bastos, co-founder of Heden.

Heden now has five co-work spaces in Lisbon. The last one opened inside the historic Rossio Station. There are also spaces in Santa Apolónia, Intendente, Graça and Chiado. In addition to a new space in Chiado, on Rua Nova da Trindade, another will open its doors on Rua do Centro Cultural, in Alvalade.

Founded by László Varga and Manuel Bastos in 2018, Heden currently has more than 6,500 square metres of space in Lisbon, with a total of 900 workstations geared towards companies operating in the technological and creative spheres (this includes the new spaces), as well as freelancers. According to the company, the two new offices will be available by the end of the first quarter of 2023.

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